Unpacking the bizarre case of Alexandra Lulka vs. Toronto’s public school board

Alexandra Lulka speaking at a TDSB meeting that would decide whether she gets censured for speaking out against teaching materials she believed were antisemitic.

On Wednesday evening, the Toronto District School Board held a lengthy meeting to take a vote over whether to censure trustee Alexandra Lulka. Lulka—who is Jewish—took to Twitter and Facebook to voice her concerns over some teaching material being passed around by a pro-Palestinian teacher and activist. The materials linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, listed as a terrorist organization by the Canadian government, and legitimized suicide bombings.

But while the TDSB staffer behind the inflammatory materials, Javier Dávila, was briefly suspended, Lulka’s censure was more surprising—and caused widespread outrage across Toronto’s Jewish community and provincial politicians.

The convoluted controversy came to a head at Wednesday’s board meeting, where trustees criticized the debacle, one member asked aloud if the TDSB could get away with doing nothing at all and Lulka ultimately came away with a slim victory.

What we talked about:

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