University of Toronto held a private event to help Jews heal from antisemitism. Two attendees reveal what happens in a ‘restorative circle’

Hillel U of T
University of Toronto student Alex Rose (left), and Hillel’s advocacy manager Jacqueline Dressler. (Submitted photos)

In the wake of the damning report by Dr. Ayelet Kuper about antisemitism at the University of Toronto’s Temerty medical school, the UofT anti-racism office hosted a “restorative circle” for Jewish students and staff.

The unusual event on Jan. 23 saw Hillel’s UofT branch meet with about 25 people, via Zoom, where participants were asked to share their experiences with antisemitism, and then work on ways to get past it—and to find joy in being Jewish.

It’s a small but important step, say both Hillel and the UofT, in the overall effort to take antisemitism as seriously as it takes other forms of racism.

So what was it like? Did it help?

To find out more, Hillel’s facilitator, Jacqueline Dressler, joins The CJN Daily, plus we speak to a student who attended: Alex Rose, who is also a former reporter for The CJN.

What we talked about:.


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