Tiferet Lapidot, 22, an Israeli volunteer, now considered the sixth Canadian killed by Hamas

Tiferet Lapidot
Tiferet Lapidot was attending the Supernova music festival on Oct. 7 when she was killed, among roughly 260 other partygoers, by Hamas terrorists. (Submitted photo)

Tiferet Lapidot had been teaching English to children in Africa before she returned to Israel this fall to be with her family for the High Holidays. She was planning to go to Australia after holidays ended, around the time she was going to turn 23. But first, she decided to go to the Supernova music festival near the border with Gaza.

That’s where she found herself frantically running for her life on Oct. 7, trying to escape from Hamas terrorists, who committed a murderous massacre at the now-notorious festival. Lapidot managed to make one last phone call home to her mother. But after that, the family heard nothing. They feared she was among the nearly 200 kidnapped Israelis and foreign tourists taken hostage in Gaza.

But on Oct. 18, after an agonizing wait that took over a week, the family learned their daughter was among the 260 partygoers who died that day.

On The CJN Daily, host Ellin Bessner speaks with the late Tiferet Lapidot’s aunt, Galit Goren, and with her uncle, Harel Lapidot, both of whom are Canadians living in Israel. This interview was recorded days before the family learned of Lapidot’s fate.

What we talked about

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