Sports Debate: Who is the GOAT Jewish athlete?

(Photo by Brian Matangelo/Unsplash)

Who’s the greatest Jewish athlete of all time? How would you measure their success: records held, peaks reached, popularity earned? The longevity of their career? Who deserves to be mentioned in this massive debate?

Ask Mark Hebscher, and he’ll tell you his answer: Ida Schnall. Hebsy is writing a four-part series for The CJN on why Schnall—whose career spanned sprinting, diving, baseball and Hollywood fame—deserves the spotlight over everyone else. After that, the Menschwarmers reveal their picks for the Jewish G.A.D.Y.A (Greatest Athlete: Division Yiddish Athletics).

Read Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 of Mark Hebscher’s series on Ida Schnall at


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