Sharon, without Lois or Bram, transforms her classic career into a family business

From left: Ethan Ullmann, Zack Dawood, Randi Hampson, Sharon Hampson, Elijah Ullmann and James Meschino continue the legacy created by matriarch Sharon of Sharon, Lois & Bram. (Supplied photo)

You’ve probably heard “Skinnamarink”, the classic children’s song by Sharon, Lois & Bram. But you probably haven’t heard it on TikTok, where Sharon Hampson, now 79, is putting out quick snippets of classics and new material with her newfound family band.

She’s recruited her daughter, Randi, and grandsons Elijah and Ethan Ullmann, both full-time students at the University of Toronto. Although they grew up in a musical dynasty, it took an international lockdown for them to agree to help their Bubbe’s resurgent Zoom-based career.

Now, they’re set to mount their first live indoor show since the pandemic began, at the Regent Theatre in Oshawa, Ont., on May 15. And despite Sharon’s worry that her voice isn’t as strong as it used to be, her relatives say she’s still got it. All four join to explain how they’re trying to make music that stays relevant for a generation raised on the Frozen soundtrack and “Baby Shark”.

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