Sex, drugs and depression: New Leonard Cohen biography doesn’t pull punches

Leonard Cohen in a 2008 performance. (Photo by Rama/Wikimedia Commons)

Michael Posner is known as the “King of Cohen”. He spent $35,000 of his own money to travel the world researching Leonard Cohen, the Canadian Jewish poet legend—and only after the globetrotting and spending did a publisher agree to take Posner on.

Posner’s biography of the late singer is coming out in three volumes. The first was released last November; the second, this month, almost five years to the day of his death in 2016. Posner has interviewed hundreds of people who knew and admired the troubadour in an effort to compile what is poised to be the definitive Cohen biography.

Posner joins today to discuss what he learned about Cohen, including the gritty details of Cohen’s escapades, dalliances and inspirations.

What we talked about:

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  • Watch the performance of “Hallelujah” by Tamir Greenberg and Valerie Hamaty on YouTube


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