Sarah Segal-Lazar’s journey from Jewish Montreal to writing folk songs in rustic P.E.I.

Musician and actor Sarah Segal-Lazar had a busy year in 2023, recording a new album, 'Valleys', and producing the theme song to The CJN's podcast 'Culturally Jewish'. (Photo by Oakar Myint)

Sarah Segal-Lazar’s momma never actually wanted her to be a doctor—nor did becoming an artist really shock her. But the Canadian musician and actor nonetheless drew inspiration from that common trope, where the offspring shunts the professional expectations of their parents, to write the hilarious theme song to The CJN’s arts and culture podcast, Culturally Jewish.

Not that the jingle is Segal-Lazar’s biggest achievement this calendar year. She just released her latest album, Valleys, a folksy, emotional record that bounds between foot-thumping country bar tunes and delicate odes to broken relationships. The Montreal-born musician and actor wrote it between her home city and Prince Edward Island, where she spends chunks of the summer embracing her rustic side in what feels like one of the least Jewish parts of the country.

Listen to Valleys here, and hear her explain her artistic process and personal journey on today’s episode of Culturally Jewish.


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