Remembering the late Rabbi Bernard Baskin, 102, and other ‘Honourable Menschen’

On this episode of The CJN Daily's "Honourable Menschen" we remember the late Rabbi Bernard Baskin, a former CJN columnist (top left), Cantor David Aptowitzer (top right), real estate tycoon and philanthropist Albert Reichmann, former Quebec politician and judge Maximilien Polak (bottom right), Holocaust speaker Gerda Frieberg (bottom left), and actor Doreen Brownstone, 100, of Winnipeg. (Photo of Aptowitzer courtesy Dr. Les Glassman)

From one of the Jewish community’s longest serving rabbis, Bernard Baskin of Hamilton–whose funeral was Sunday, Jan. 22— to the musical composer Leon Dubinsky of Nova Scotia, who died at age 81, Canada has lost many prominent community leaders in recent weeks.

Many were Holocaust survivors, but others came to Canada as immigrants from Scotland and America: they were actors, judges, furniture magnates, and scholars.

In the latest edition of The CJN Daily‘s “Honourable Menschen”, regular contributor Ron Csillag joins host Ellin Bessner to share some personal tributes to Baskin, Albert Reichmann, Jules Kronis, Maximilien Polak, Gerda Frieberg, Saul Feldberg, Michael Marrus, Cantor David Aptowitzer and Leon Dubinsky.

What we talked about:

  • Special thanks to Dr. Les Glassman for the photo and audio of Cantor David Aptowitzer


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