Rabbanit Rachael Turkienicz wins The CJN’s first Great Canadian Sermon Slam

Rabbanit Rachael Turkienicz, bottom left, accepting the Kiddush Cup award from the hosts of Bonjour Chai: Avi Finegold (bottom right), Ilana Zackon (top right) and David Sklar (top left).

The Stanley Cup may have already been awarded this year, but an even greater cup has yet to be bestowed to a true national champion: the winner of the Great Canadian Sermon Slam. After receiving many entries and spending hours deliberating, we’ve selected our winner: Rabbanit Rachael Turkienicz.

Rabbanit Turkienicz joins us today to discuss some of the foremost issues on her mind and on the minds of many Jewish Canadians, including the state of Jewish education and how women have had to fight for their place in religious scholarship. After that, she engages in a new learning session for this week’s Torah portion, Bereshit, and sticks around for our weekly nachas.

What we talked about


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