Podcast rewind: Highlights and teshuvahs from the year 5782

David Sklar, Avi Finegold and Ilana Zackon, the three hosts of Bonjour Chai, recap the year 5782.

As we stand on the cusp of the year 5783, we’re getting ready to reflect on our own lives and actions—and the hosts of our weekly current affairs podcast Bonjour Chai thought, hey, why not do the same thing on air? Were our topics just and proper? Did our opinions prove themselves right? Will Bonjour Chai be inscribed in the Book of Life?

From Indigenous issues to post-pandemic synagogue numbers, the Ukrainians the world couldn’t stop talking about to the Uyghurs the world unfortunately forgot about, we’re taking this moment to be self-reflective and recap the best and worst of Canadian Jewry in the year 5782, as heard through the ears of Bonjour Chai listeners.

Plus, we’re kicking off our first annual Sermon Slam. Listeners have been nominating their rabbis, who’ve been sending us their best sermons of the past year; you’ll hear them all, and the winner will be decided between the hosts and audience votes—so email [email protected] to cast yours.


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