Pierre Poilievre won’t sanction MPs who lunched with far-right German politician

Three Conservative Party of Canada MPs
Photo of luncheon in February 2023 when three Conservative Party of Canada MPs: Dr. Colin Carrie, third from left, Leslyn Lewis, fourth from left, met with controversial German politician Christine Anderson, centre. Dean Allison, the MP for Niagara West, is sixth from left. (CIJA photo)

The leader of the Conservative party, Pierre Poilievre, will not take further action to sanction three Members of Parliament who recently posed for photos with a far-right German politician. Poilievre told reporters on Parliament Hill on Mar. 6 that he will also not kick the trio out of caucus.

The three Tory politicians—Colin Carrie of Oshawa, Leslyn Lewis of Halidmand-Norfolk, and Dean Allison of Niagara West—posed for photos at a luncheon in mid-February with Christine Anderson during her cross-Canada tour. Anderson is a member of the European Parliament representing the Alternative for Germany party, which espouses what Poilievre has since called “vile” and “racist” views on Muslim immigrants, homosexuality and Holocaust denial.

While the three Canadians quickly issued a statement saying they didn’t know about their luncheon guest’s views, Poilievre’s press conference is the first time anyone from the party has spoken in person, publicly, about the controversy. But that’s not good enough for one Oshawa businessman who is calling for his MP to not just SAY he will do better—but actually follow through with action.

Shaun Bernstein joins The CJN Daily to explain why he wants the veteran politician to attend a symposium at a local synagogue to mend fences.

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