Oy, Canada: Jews feeling ‘vulnerable’ and ‘precarious’ on the first July 1 after Oct. 7

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Canada Day is usually a holiday of patriotism and pride. But this year, nine months after Oct. 7 sparked new waves of antisemitism across the country, many Jewish Canadians continue to feel isolated, vulnerable and anxious. It seems like every few weeks, a new synagogue is attacked or vandalized; Jewish and Israeli children are being routinely bullied; open supporters of Israel can find themselves doxxed online, their businesses boycotted or alienated from their industries.

To reflect on what’s changed, The CJN Daily gathered together some of the country’s leading intellectuals and newsmakers on a panel about the state of Jewish life in Canada. Their message: yes, life feels difficult. But don’t give up just yet.

Joining the show today are Selina Robinson, an independent MLA in the British Columbia legislature who was ousted from the NDP caucus because of the Middle East conflict; David Weinfeld, a Canadian professor of Jewish history and former CJN contributor now living in Philadelphia; Artur Wilczynski, Canada’s former ambassador to Norway, just appointed the new antisemitism advisor to the University of Ottawa, in the nation’s capital; and Rabbi Lisa Grushcow, the spiritual leader of Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom in Montreal.

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