Out of the Dragons’ Den and into the fire: Amy Rosen on her ‘humiliating’ TV debut and new show

Wall of Bakers
Amy Rosen is one of the bakers on 'Wall of Bakers', debuting in March 2022 on Food Network Canada. She is on the bottom row, in the middle.

In December 2021, baking entrepreneur Amy Rosen made a splash on the CBC reality show Dragons’ Den. The pastry specialist and accomplished cookbook author pitched them a stake in her line of bake-at-home cinnamon buns. While the dragons loved her foods, she stumbled when asked about her sales figures.

Rosen calls that moment a national embarrassment—and also unfair. But she’s moving on. She landed a spot on a new TV cooking show called Wall of Bakers, which debuts March 28 on Food Network Canada. And now that enough time has passed, she’s ready to dish some dirt on what really happened during her time in the den.

Rosen joins to talk about her TV experiences, her Jewish cookbooks and what’s next for Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns.

What we talked about:

  • Watch Amy’s appearance on Dragons’ Den at cbc.ca
  • Read about her most recent cookbook at thecjn.ca
  • Read Leila Paperman’s obituary at thecjn.ca

Watch the extended interview here on our YouTube Channel:


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