Hear how Ottawa’s public school board finally decided to take formal action against antisemitism

school board meeting
The Ottawa-Carleton District School board trustees voted on Tuesday,Jan. 17. 2023, to recommend hiring of a Jewish Equity Coach to help students and staff combat rising antisemitism in the schools. Teacher Lisa Levitan (bottom left) receives 2-3 calls per day with reports of Jew hatred in the schools. David Baker (bottom right) told the trustees they should be ashamed of the board’s handling of his son’s antisemitic classmates.

Lisa Levitan founded the Jewish Educators Group to help Ottawa-Carleton District School Board staffers like herself cope with increasing hatred.

The award-winning elementary school teacher says she receives “two or three calls or emails a day” about antisemitism directed at colleagues or students—which she immediately sends to the appropriate principal and to the school board’s team.

But the responses seemed insufficient until this week, when the trustees passed a motion to hire a Jewish equity coach.

It was partly the result of Levitan’s lobbying, which included collecting over 1,000 signatures on a petition.

The CJN Daily takes you behind the scenes of the school board’s Jan. 17 committee hearing before Lisa Levitan joins to explain why she hopes it marked a turning point for Jews in Ottawa’s school system.

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