Olympics Preview: Who are the Jews to watch in Tokyo?

Japan National Stadium, in Tokyo, will be one of the sites of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (Photo by Arne Müseler/Wikimedia Commons)

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics starting this week, Jewish sports fans are abuzz with one question: Who’s representing the tribe? As it happens, there are plenty of promising Olympians with fascinating stories, from Argentine tennis phenom Diego Schwartzman to Jewish Japanese basketballer Avi Schafer and a whole lot of American and Canadian fencing stars—to say nothing of Israel’s contenders in marathon, judo and racewalking.

On this week’s episode of Menschwarmers, our Jewish sports podcast, hosts Jamie and Gabe are joined by Emily Burack, deputy managing editor of Alma, who has spent the last few months investigating and writing about Jewish Olympians from around the world.

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