New year, new hurricane: Atlantic Canada once again on alert as Hurricane Lee threatens Rosh Hashanah celebrations

While post-tropical storm Fiona battered Atlantic Canada in Sept. 2022, a tree fell on Shayna Strong's house in New Waterford, a small coastal community northeast of Sydney, Nova Scotia. (Supplied photo)

This weekend, Atlantic Canada is preparing to get slammed by Hurricane Lee, a Category 1 hurricane that could blast winds as strong as 110 km/h across parts of the country. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are on especially high alert in the storm’s path, with residents preparing for worst-case scenarios: power outages, storm surges, flooding and property damage.

This is the second year in a row that Maritime Jews are finding their new year celebrations threatened by a lethal storm. This same time last year, community members across Nova Scotia were all set for Rosh Hashanah when Hurricane Fiona smashed into the coast, blowing winds of up to 170 km/hr and dumping seven inches of rain across the region. The community was left without power, light, refrigeration or heat.

In the aftermath of the natural disaster, The CJN Daily spoke with Shayna Strong, a Jewish community member in New Waterford, just northeast of Sydney, Nova Scotia. Strong explained how they managed to celebrate Rosh Hashanah despite the hardship. With a near-identical situation facing Atlantic Jews this weekend, we’re re-airing our interview with Strong, which originally ran in September 2022.


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