This is what it’s like at one of Montreal’s pop-up vaccination clinics for Hasidic Jews

CJN podcaster Avi Finegold on the ground at a pop-up vaccination clinic for the Hasidic community in Montreal Sept. 1, 2021.

Soon after COVID-19 vaccines began rolling out, clashes erupted between authorities and the Hasidic community in Montreal. Police officers raided a synagogue that violated the lockdown curfew in January 2021; court battles ensued; more illegal gatherings took place in March, blowing past attendance limits.

But there has been a shift in tone this summer, especially since vaccine passports became mandatory across Quebec this week. Other provinces announced similar plans to restrict movement for the willingly unvaccinated.

The Quebec Council of Hasidic Jews is urging its members to get vaccinated. To that end, they’ve been holding vaccine clinics in the heart of their communities, handing out pamphlets in Yiddish and setting up help lines for people who don’t use the internet or have smartphones.

The latest clinic was held recently, just before Rosh Hashanah. Avi Finegold, host of The CJN’s weekly current affairs podcast Bonjour Chai, attended the clinic to talk to the attendees and gives an on-the-ground report.

What we talked about:

  • Watch the video from January of police raiding a Hasidic synagogue in Montreal on Twitter
  • Read about Montreal’s vaccination drives at
  • Learn about the Abraham Global Peace Initiative Campus Petition at


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