Mark Goldberg spent years tracking Laith Marouf’s hateful tweets. Now, the Canadian government is taking action

Laith Marouf in Halifax at an event about anti-racism in broadcasting in June 2022.

This year, Laith Marouf is touring Canada, instructing broadcasters on how to build anti-racism strategies. His organization received more than $130,000 from the federal government for this work. The problem? Marouf has a lengthy track record of virulent antisemitic and anti-Israel commentary, to the point that his previous Twitter account was suspended—and his new one has been blocked for promoting violence.

That violence tends to be directed at people he disregards as “Jewish white supremacists.” In some of his most egregious tweets, he’s written that “Jewish white supremacists” should have a “bullet to the head” and calls them “loud mouthed [sic] bags of human feces”.

These tweets, among more than a hundred others, have been screenshotted and compiled by Mark Goldberg, a media consultant in Toronto. Goldberg has been following Marouf since 2016, and he joins The CJN Daily today to discuss his findings.

(Editor’s note: Since the story was published on Monday Aug. 22, 2022, the Minister of Diversity, Ahmed Hussen, moved to suspend Marouf’s project, cut funding to the organization he works for, and described Marouf’s words as “reprehensible and vile”.)

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