Marijuana has been legal for years. Why is it still stigmatized in the Jewish community?

(Photo courtesy Elsa Olofsson/Wikimedia Commons)

In the days ahead of Purim, we at Bonjour Chai, The CJN’s weekly current affairs podcast, wanted to take a step back from all the serious news and focus on some lighter fare. To honour King Achashverosh, who ruled from Hodu to Kush, we convene a roundtable of expert Canadian Jews in the cannabis industry to dive into the weeds of what marijuana usage looks like in the Jewish community. We’re joined by cannapreneur Abi Roach and the two Canadian men behind the Jewish vaping startup Oy Vapes.

Plus, we’re bringing you laughs from some of Canada’s funniest young Jewish comics. Comedian Laura Leibow is here to announce her new jewish comedy podcast on The CJN Podcast Network, Shticks and Giggles, and you’ll hear bits from her fellow downtown-Toronto funnymen Nick Nemeroff and Dan Rosen.

What we talked about


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