Ralph Benmergui speaks with Lynda Fishman and Barbara Landau about communal trauma during the Israel-Hamas war

From left: Lynda Fishman, Dr. Barbara Landau and Ralph Benmergui in a live discussion about coping with trauma in the wake of the war that broke out between Israel and Gaza on Oct. 7, 2023, hosted by The CJN and the Prosserman JCC. (Michael Fraiman photo)

If you’re feeling anxious and afraid, you should know: you’re not alone. Tensions are high everywhere across the Jewish community right now as Hamas and Israel engage in a violent war with ramifications across the world. But instead of doom-scrolling social media, finding horrible images and hate-filled comments, it’s important to find time to step back—far away from social media—and assess your own mental health.

The CJN and the Prosserman JCC held a live event on Oct. 17, 2023, to bring together three specialists in the field of psychology to help the community better cope with these difficult times. Spiritual counsellor and podcast host Ralph Benmergui sat down with Lynda Fishman, author of Repairing Rainbows, a social worker who specializes in trauma; and Dr. Barbara Landau, a recipient of the Order of Canada, who is a conflict mediator and the co-chair of the Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims, an organization that builds interfaith understanding and empathy.

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