Laetitia Beck on growing golf in Israel, where there’s only one 18-hole course

Laetitia Beck, the first Israeli golfer to qualify for a PGA or LPGA Tour, will be in Montreal this August for a B'nai Brith charity tournament. (Photo supplied by Laetitia Beck)

Israel isn’t exactly known for golf. And with just one 18-hole course in the whole country, neither is it a destination for many pro golfers or passionate fans. That may be why it took until 2014 for the country to produce a player who qualified to join an LPGA Tour: Laetitia Beck.

Since then, she’s competed at the highest levels for her home country: at the Olympics, the Women’s British Open, the LPGA and, of course, the Maccabiah, where she’s won numerous gold medals. In all that time, she’s proudly represented Israel, even displaying the Magen David on her golf shoes.

This year, on Aug. 15, she’ll be teeing up at Montreal’s Beaconsfield club as part of B’nai Brith Canada’s second annual Chip Away at Hate Classic. We caught up with her while she was on the road in Michigan to hear about golf culture in the Holy Land and her thoughts about Montreal’s abundance of Jewish greens.

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