Jewish sports fans: take a stab at fencing

Eli Schenkel, left, is representing Canada in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. (Photo courtesy Eli Schenkel/S-Class Fencing)

This year marks the first time since 1988 that Canada has fielded a full roster of men’s and women’s Olympic fencers. It’s a tough bout for Eli Schenkel, the young Vancouver-based athlete in the foil discipline, who’s on a mission to put the cerebral sport back on Canadians’ radars.

In today’s episode of Menschwarmers, The CJN’s podcast about Jews and sports, Eli explains how he got into the game, why Jews have excelled with the epee, and how excited he is to go to the fences to represent our country in next month’s Tokyo Olympics. Will Eli and his team medal—or will their plans be foiled?

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