Jewish organizations are outraged over ‘bizarre’ Montreal court case putting the Holocaust on trial

Sam Goldstein, director of legal affairs for B'nai Brith Canada. (Supplied photo)

Closing arguments have recently begun for the trial of Gabriel Sohier Chaput, a 35-year-old neo-Nazi who’s been charged in Montreal with willfully inciting hatred against Jews. But last week, the trial took an odd turn: the judge and lawyers began arguing over whether it was inherent to Nazi ideology to murder six million Jews.

The defence lawyer said that, in school, she was taught that Nazis only killed Jews with gas because it was cheaper than housing them in camps. The judge called that a step too far—but he nonetheless admonished the prosecutor for not bringing in experts to prove there was a clear link between Nazism and the defining genocide of modern history.

To discuss what’s at stake, we’re joined by Sam Goldstein, B’nai Brith’s director of legal affairs, who breaks down the trial and why Jewish organizations are outraged at the direction of this case.

What we talked about:


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