Take our ‘Israel at 75’ quiz: How many of these treasures can you identify?

What do these Zionist artifacts have in common? Listen to The CJN Daily's Israel at 75 quiz to find out.

What does Jeopardy co-host (and former Big Bang Theory star) Mayim Bialik have to do with Israel’s 75th birthday? Why does the winner of the Tour de France bicycle race wear a yellow jersey? What year did the Dead Sea Scrolls leave Israel and go on display in Montreal?

Here’s your chance to test your own knowledge.

To celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday, The CJN Daily has teamed up with David Matlow, creator of The CJN’s popular Treasure Trove column, to explore the history of Israel though his 75 carefully-curated pieces from his massive personal collection of Zionist artifacts.

In fact, Matlow has just released a new book, 75 Treasures, where you’ll find all the answers. Listen to the end of today’s episode for your chance to win a hard copy of the book.

What we talked about

  • Download a free digital copy of the 75 Treasures book via David Matlow’s website
  • Never miss a new Treasure Trove column in The CJN
  • Hear Mayim Bialik’s interview with Bonjour Chai


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