Introducing Rivkush, a new podcast about Jews of colour

Rivka “Rivkush” Campbell, a Jew of Jamaican descent, is one of Canada’s most vocal Jews of colour. But something bothers her: too often, JOCs are pigeonholed into only speaking—or only being asked—about matters of race, racism and identity politics. In reality, JOCs have unique perspectives on issues that pertain to all of Jewry.

In this new podcast by The CJN Podcast Network, Rivkush interviews fascinating Jews of colour from all over the world, discussing more than just diversity and identity: they’ll discuss Israel, politics, food, culture and religion, opening dialogue with the mainstream Jewish community about their views and experiences.

Listen to the trailer and subscribe using the links above.

Rivkush is created and hosted by Rivka Campbell. Michael Fraiman is the editor and producer. Our theme music is by Westside Gravy. Learn more about Rivka’s work at