How two Canadian Jewish politicians navigated King Charles’s coronation

Coronation of King Charles
Newly crowned King Charles III and Queen Camilla make their way back to Buckingham Palace in London Saturday May 6, 2023 after their coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London. (CBC)

When millions of people around the world tuned in to watch Saturday’s broadcast of the coronation ceremony of King Charles, one of them was Manitoba’s lieutenant governor, the Hon. Anita Neville. Neville felt a particular attachment to the new sovereign—and not just because her job is to represent the King in her province. Neville had, just days earlier, flown to London for an in person tete-a-tete with her new boss at Buckingham Palace. They talked about the environment, Indigenous Canadians and the inner workings of the coronation ceremony itself. “I think he’s going to be a very fine King,” Neville declared.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s only Jewish cabinet minister, Solicitor General Michael Kerzner, found himself facing the same dilemma as other observant Jews in public office. The coronation was being held on a Saturday, and Kerzner had to keep Shabbat while attending an official ceremony in Toronto to mark the coronation.

Kerzner and Neville join The CJN Daily to share their royal experiences.

What we talked about

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  • Michael Kerzner is elected to Ontario’s Doug Ford PC government, in June 2022, in The CJN
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