We asked a 104-year-old ‘super senior’ the secret to living a long life. Here’s what she said

Jewish senior citizen
Bella Bernstein, 104, attended a special birthday party on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023, held for a record number of centenarians at their residence, the Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre in Montreal. (Harriet Segal photo)

September 10 was a milestone day at the Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre in Montreal: the staff threw the long term care home’s annual group birthday party for a record number of residents over 100 years old. This year’s 22 “super seniors” include a Second World War veteran, David Kucer, who worked forging metal miniature weapons as collector’s items, and also Bella Bernstein, the oldest of the group. At 104, she is a renowned former soprano who performed opera and Jewish music across the community.

But it wasn’t all speeches and birthday cake. Originally, there were supposed to be 23 seniors to celebrate—until, sadly, one passed away just a few days earlier.

To learn the secret of living a long life, we turned to the experts. On today’s The CJN Daily, the 104-year-old Bernstein joins host Ellin Bessner, along with Bernstein’s daughter Harriet Segal and the home’s recreation coordinator, Josie di Benedetto.

What we talked about

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