Hitmen murdered her son. Eight years later, she’s written a tell-all of her grief and survival

dan markel
Dan and Ruth Markel. (Photo courtesy of Ruth Markel)

Eight years ago this week, Dan Markel was killed in his car as he was pulling into his driveway in Tallahassee, Florida. Markel, 41, was a well-regarded professor whose then-recent divorce lies at the centre of this whole saga: his ex-wife wanted to move their two sons to Miami, but the courts sided with Markel. Days after his murder, the children were moved.

A messy, complex series of arrests and court cases unfolded, in which the arrested murderers and conspirators confessed to receiving $100,000 to perform the job on behalf of Markel’s former in-laws. Despite this, that family has always denied any involvement.

The process has been a brutal experience for Markel’s parents, Ruth and Phil. The Toronto residents have struggled with the death of their son, a drawn-out legal battle and the inability to see their own grandchildren. But they haven’t been sitting still. Later this year, Simon and Schuster will be publishing Ruth Markel’s book, The Unveiling, which documents her struggle and grief, as well as her fights—both political and legal—to win some kind of justice for her son. Ruth joins today to discuss the last eight years and give a glimpse into her new book.

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