Here’s how Canadian leaders and institutions have reacted to the Israel-Hamas war—and what still needs to be said

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland speaks at the rally for Israel, organized by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, on Oct. 9, 2023. (Screenshot via UJA Toronto)

Nearly one full week after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and sparked a new war, Canadian politicians and institutions have had plenty of time to react, respond with statements and join solidarity rallies. For the most part, support for Israel has been unilateral. But, as always, there are exceptions, mostly—in this case—from left-wing politicians and organizations who seem to be more focused on talking to each other on social media than to the Jewish community.

So with some hindsight into the immediate aftermath of the events, but while we’re still thick in the war, Avi and Phoebe analyze the institutional reactions—and also the retractions. Joining us is Brenda Fine, a professor of mathematics and statistics who lives in Vancouver and tweets as @moebius_strip.


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