Hear the story behind this secret Jewish photo of Guy Lafleur

Robert Foxman snapped this photo of hockey legend Guy Lafleur in 1981. (Photo courtesy of Robert Foxman)

For Robert Foxman, this photograph has become family lore. It’s a shot of hockey legend Guy Lafleur sporting a kippah, draped in a tallit and holding a siddur, as if in prayer. The shot is from 1981, when Foxman was a 19-year-old photography student who showed up to a Montreal Canadiens practice, where he asked Lafleur to pose.

Foxman has been reflecting on the encounter since Friday, when Lafleur died from cancer at age 70. He considers the homegrown hockey hero and five-time Stanley Cup winner a true mensch—as do many other Canadian Jews, given the numerous Jewish fundraiser events Lafleur attended in Montreal.

Listen to the story behind Guy Lafleur’s most Jewish photo—and what Robert Foxman hopes the Lafleur family takes away from it.

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