Go for gelt: Canada’s hockey teams have high hopes for a groundbreaking Maccabiah Games

Melissa Wronzberg, pictured here holding the Clarkson Cup after her CWHL championship with the Markham Thunder, is one of the main organizers behind Canada's first-ever women's hockey team at the Maccabiah Games in 2022. (Photo by Teri Di-Lauro)

With 80 countries and 10,000 participating athletes, the 21st Maccabiah Games—the third-largest sporting event in the world—will be bigger than ever before. And one country poised to make a splash, as usual, is Canada, which sending a delegation of 600 staff and athletes to the Holy Land.

In arguably no sport are the stakes higher than in hockey. The Canadian men’s team won gold at the last Maccabiah in 2017, and the men’s masters team came in second to Ukraine; however, the big story is women’s hockey, which is making its Maccabiah debut this year.

To chat about what it takes to make it to the Israeli stage and how the teams are feeling going in, the Menschwarmers are joined by three hockey players: Lauren Weisbarth and Melissa Wronzberg of the women’s team, and Mike Zbriger of the men’s masters team.


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