Get a taste of Bonnie Stern’s first cookbook in over a decade

Bonnie Stern, right, with her daughter Anna Rupert, who co-authored Stern's latest cookbook. (Photo from Don't Worry, Just Cook/Penguin Random House)

At 74, acclaimed cookbook author Bonnie Stern has just published her first new cookbook in more than a decade. Don’t Worry, Just Cook compiles 125 recipes, many Jewish, marking the next step in Stern’s nearly 50-year career.

Not only is this the first cookbook Stern has co-written with her daughter, Anna Rupert, 37, but it’s also the first book published in the social media age. The food industry has changed dramatically, and it wasn’t always obvious that Stern would be able to adapt. But with the help of her children—Anna and her brother, Mark Rupert, oversaw photography and social media—the latest edition of Stern’s bibliography comes out just in time for the High Holidays and Canadian Thanksgiving.

Stern and her daughter join the episode to discuss their process and drive home the theme they learned through the last two years of pandemic life: that, as society re-emerges from pandemic and people can gather again, it’s family that matters most—and nothing brings family together quite like a comforting meal.

What we talked about:


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