From cute to cringe: Are these viral Jewish billboards actually doing anything useful?

One of several billboards combatting antisemitism by JewBelong. (Photo courtesy of JewBelong)

In recent days, billboards have been popping up across New York City—and social media. Created by a company called JewBelong, the massive hot-pink ads display bold slogans in sans-serif font to raise awareness about Jewish issues. But what began as a cute (if cringey) taglines about Jewish acceptance have morphed into militant mottos demanding we #EndJewHate, citing gas chambers and making awkwardly defensive demands to the general public. Are they working? Probably not. But here we are, talking about them anyway. Avi and Phoebe break down the meaning behind the marketing.

Then, Phoebe talks about the new Picasso exhibit curated by comedian Hannah Gadsby, and the idea of separating problematic artists from their art.

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