Former Israeli hostage Hagar Brodutch fears time is running out for the others still held in Gaza

Brodutch family in Canada June 3, 2024
Hagar Brodutch (left) relaxes with her family in their temporary Toronto vacation rental with her children, Uriya, Ofri and Yuval, and her husband, Avichai. (Ellin Bessner photo)

Hagar Brodutch, her husband Avichai and their three children are settling into their temporary home in Toronto for an extended vacation after a horrific ordeal. Hagar and the children were among the most high-profile hostages kidnapped on Oct. 7 by Hamas and released after 51 days, during a ceasefire deal in November 2023.

Many Canadians followed the Brodutch case closely, because they have family living in Toronto who advocated tirelessly on their behalf with Canadian and Israeli authorities.

The Brodutches lived in Kfar Aza until their kibbutz near the Gaza border was attacked by Hamas terrorists who broke into the family’s safe room and captured Hagar and the children. The terrorists also grabbed a three-year-old child from next door, Abigail Edan, the daughter of an American-Israeli couple who were murdered right in front of their daughter’s eyes. Avichai Brodutch was badly wounded in a firefight and was left behind, with injuries from a rocket-propelled grenade. When he woke up in an Israeli hospital, he discovered his kibbutz had been destroyed and his family was missing.

While in Canada, the family is planning to sightsee and continue its journey of healing. They’re also sharing their story with the Jewish community to thank them for their support. But they’re also calling for the war to be over—now that Israel confirmed that only 80 hostages of the remaining 124 may still be alive. On today’s episode of The CJN Daily, Hagar Brodutch sits down with host Ellin Bessner and Lila Sarick, The CJN’s news editor (read her print story), for a frank conversation about what her life has been like since that fateful day.

What we talked about:

  • Learn more about the efforts to help release the Brodutch family, in The CJN and on The CJN Daily
  • Why so many Canadians wrote letters to the hostages even though the Red Cross didn’t deliver them for months, on The CJN Daily
  • Meet Avichai Brodutch at the Walk for Israel on Sunday, June 9


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