For nearly 40 years, Benjamin’s charity foundation has been keeping 10% of donations—until a family sued

The late Liam Zisman with his cat, Giovanni. (Photo courtesy of the Zisman family)

When their only child, Liam, died in January 2022, Jeanne and Raziel Zisman had to book a funeral quickly—Jewish law states a burial should happen as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Liam was 19. The Zismans, distraught and emotional, met virtually with a representative from Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel, the country’s biggest Jewish funeral home, to make arrangements. Among their services, Benjamin’s offered them the use of The Benjamin Foundation, a charity arm of the company that collects donations in the name of the deceased to be turned over later to other charities of the family’s choosing.

What’s only in the fine print, however, is that Benjamin’s keeps 10 percent of the money for administrative purposes. It’s been this way for nearly 40 years, since the Foundation was created. In the past decade alone, Benjamin’s has routed more than $3 million through this foundation to charities—and quietly deducted 10 percent of that. That’s a higher percentage than many other charities take, particularly many Jewish ones.

When the Zismans found out, they set off on a lengthy legal battle. The case is still ongoing in provincial court, but on July 27, the Zismans won a small victory: the regulatory body that oversees funeral homes in Ontario sided with the grieving family, ordering Benjamin’s to release all funds—including the 10 percent fee—to the charities, and mandated the company make their fee structure more transparent on their website and in contracts and conversations with clients.

On today’s The CJN Daily, the Zismans join to talk about their son and their legal struggles, and you’ll also hear Benjamin’s side of the story.

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