This doctor wants Ashkenazi women to help lobby for breast cancer screening at age 40

Dr PaulA Gordon
Dr. Paula Gordon, a Vancouver breast cancer radiologist, has won the Order of Canada for pioneering the use of ultrasound to screen women with hard-to-detect cancer. (Zoom)

Dr. Paula Gordon, of Vancouver, is a renowned Canadian radiologist and breast cancer specialist. She also recently became a recipient of the Order of Canada for her pioneering research into using ultrasound to detect hard-to-spot breast cancers. But that was decades ago. Now, Gordon—a professor at the University of British Columbia’s medical school—is campaigning for expanded screening for breast cancer, starting much younger and more often.

Gordon is calling for mammograms to be offered beginning at age 40. Currently, most provinces offer routine screening only at age 50, due to what Gordon calls outdated federal health guidelines. She’s also advocating for mammograms to be done annually, not every couple of years, especially for those women at greater risk of developing breast cancer: Ashkenazi women, and women with so-called “dense breasts”.

Gordon joins The CJN Daily on International Women’s Day to explain why changing these federal breast cancer screening guidelines will save lives.

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