Demand for food donations keeps spiking as Canadians enter their third pandemic Passover

Volunteers in Montreal help pack thousands of boxes in preparation for Passover. (Photo courtesy of MADA Community Center)

This week, delivery trucks will be rolling out across Canada, driving thousands of boxes of kosher-for-Passover groceries, meals and seder items to people in need across the country.

In Montreal, the MADA Community Center is delivering 2,000 Passover food baskets and 8,000 ready-made meals; Jewish Family Service Calgary has prepared 55 packages; Vancouver is sending nearly 600 parcels, plus 400 seders-in-a-box; and in Toronto, at least 3,000 boxes are heading to Jews in need, thanks to the local Federation and the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada.

In every city, local agencies are seeing sharp rises in the number of food boxes required to keep up with demand. On average, since the pandemic, there’s been a 20-percent increase in donations. How are these non-profits handling the surge? We’re joined by Romy Pilarski, a volunteer in Toronto, and Shelly Feldman and Eva Karpati of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada.

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