Author Dara Horn on the rise of antisemitism—and why we can’t seem to stop it

Dara Horn is the author of 'People Love Dead Jews'. (Photo by Michael Priest)

This weekend, Jewish leaders from Canada and around the world will meet in Hamilton for a conference called #NoMoreAntisemitism. It’s bringing together teachers and Holocaust experts including prominent speakers Elisha Wiesel and Dara Horn, author of the award-winning book People Love Dead Jews.

Horn says she’s attending even though she’s convinced the conference will not eliminate antisemitism. She’s hoping Jewish communities hear her blunt message, in which she explains that building multimillion-dollar Holocaust museums and advocating for governments to mandate Holocaust education in schools still won’t make people stop hating Jews.

Instead, Horn is calling for a new more dignified approach: stop trying to define who Jews are by showing what the outside world did to them; instead, celebrate their vibrant religion and culture, along with everything Jews have contributed to Western civilization. Listen to her take on the recent rise of antisemitism on today’s episode of The CJN Daily.

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