COP26 is over, but the war on climate change is heating up

trudeau at cop26 climate change
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talk at a COP26 reception at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. (Photo by Karwai Tang/UK Government)

The major international climate conference COP26 wrapped up this weekend. Canadians, now accustomed to seeing headlines about B.C.’s heat dome, wildfires in Northern Ontario and Alberta, melting Arctic ice and irregular farming seasons across the country, have much at stake in the conversation about climate change.

The conference produced some worthwhile promises, but the question remains: Will they be enough? Will Canadians’ actions matter on a global scale? And how can the country transition out of fossil fuels when those industries are still pivotal to our economy?

To discuss these issues and more, The CJN Daily podcast is joined by Seth Klein, an analyst, professor and the head of the climate emergency unit of the David Suzuki Institute. Like his sister, Naomi Klein, he’s also a published author, with his book, A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency, published Sept. 2020.

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