Cancelled by COVID 4 times, this couple’s wedding party is finally happening

Zane and Baden Colt had to reschedule their wedding five times in two years because of the COVID pandemic. (Kim Eden Photography)

Zane and Baden Colt got engaged in 2018, with a wedding planned for June 2020. But the world had other plans in 2020. So what was meant to be a two-year wait to get married turned into three, then four. With each passing trip around the sun, they optimistically scheduled another date, only to have to cancel yet again.

Now on their fifth try, the Colts—who got legally married in a civil ceremony while waiting to hold a party—are finally going to tie the knot on June 30, 2022. Unless something else comes up, of course.

The Colts are just one of many Jewish couples who’ve had to postpone or outright cancel their weddings in the last two years. The CJN’s news editor, Lila Sarick, has been speaking to many for a feature story on this belated season of love. Sarick and the Colts all join The CJN Daily to talk about the extra layers of stress couples are facing for their big days, and how weddings are changing in a post-pandemic era.

What we talked about:


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