Canadian UN watchdog Hillel Neuer explains why UNWRA should be dismantled

Hillel Neuer
Canadian lawyer Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, told U.S. lawmakers on Jan. 30 why UNWRA is riddled with terrorists and should be dismantled. (House Foreign Affairs Committee photo)

Two weeks ago, Canada joined the United States and other top Western donors in announcing they will suspend further funding to UNWRA, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees. The move comes after intelligence from Israel and other sources proved the extent to which thousands of UNWRA employees and their family members have ties to Hamas—in some cases, even being full Hamas members and taking part directly in the Oct. 7 terrorist attack, kidnapping and hiding hostages.

Canadian lawyer Hillel Neuer runs the Geneva-based UN Watch, which helped reveal some of that damning evidence. He brought to light a 3,000-member UNWRA teachers’ chat group on Telegram that vocally supported the attack on Israel. UN Watch also exposed the identities of UNWRA teachers who proudly trumpet anti-Israel hate on their social media accounts.

UNWRA has now launched its own official investigation, due at the end of April. But already there are calls to allow the discredited agency to be allowed to weed out the few “bad apples”, and for full funding to be restored. due to the humanitarian emergency and displacement of the vast majority of Gaza’s 2 million residents during Israel’s war with Hamas, now entering its fifth month.

Hillel Neuer joins Ellin Bessner on The CJN Daily to explain why he thinks UNWRA should be disbanded permanently—but probably won’t be.

What we talked about:

  • Learn more about Canada announcing it will pause funding for UNWRA, and what new agencies will get the money instead, in The CJN
  • Watch Hillel Neuer’s testimony (eight minutes) before the U.S. Congress on Jan. 30, on YouTube
  • Read when the UN launched investigation in 2014 after missiles were discovered in UNRWA buildings in Gaza during war with Israel, in The CJN


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