This gripping new photo exhibit showcases 161 Holocaust survivors with links to Calgary

Fanny Wedro [Credit: Marnie Burkhart]

Until July 3, a new exhibit is running in Calgary’s Glenbow Museum featuring intimate black-and-white portraits and cross-generational shots of 161 Holocaust survivors who have ties to the city. The project took years to make, shooting during the pandemic and resulting in an accompanying coffee table book and documentary film.

The project is the brainchild of Marnie Bondar and Dahlia Libin, whose grandparents were all Holocaust survivors, and who co-chair the Calgary Jewish Federation’s Holocaust programming. They say this art project was born out of love and awe of what their relatives went on to do after the war, and how they built new lives in Canada.

On today’s episode of The CJN Daily, you’ll meet one of the survivors profiled in the show—she’s 94 now—as well as Bondar and Libin, who will share stories of the behind-the-scenes process and what they hope visitors will take away.

What we talked about:


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