Buy me some pinot and Cracker Jack: Meet the MLB’s first-ever master sommelier

Evan Goldstein is joining the San Fransisco Giants as the first-ever master sommelier for an MLB team. (Photo by George Rose)

In September, the San Francisco Giants made Major League Baseball history—in fact, probably pro sports history—as the first-ever team to hire a master sommelier. Evan Goldstein, one of just 269 master sommeliers in the world, has spent decades working with wine and watching sports. Now he gets to combine those passions: it’s his job to bridge beer-loving baseball fans with the world of tannins and oak, introducing new wines to Giants games, striking partnerships across the country and introducing wine tasting events for fans.

Goldstein joins the Menschwarmers, our sports podcasters, for an rich dive into what the job will entail, the state of wine in ballparks across the world and what vinos pair best with hot dogs and garlic fries.


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