Battle of the sexists: Will increasing gender segregation make Israel a pariah state?

A female IDF soldier in training. Ultra-Orthodox Israelis have begun taunting and yelling at female soldiers on public buses in the name of gender segregation. (Photo courtesy of the Israel Defense Forces/Flickr Creative Commons)

Last week, Phoebe Maltz Bovy—who, when she’s not co-hosting The CJN’s current affairs podcast Bonjour Chai, can be found writing for the opinion pages of the Globe and Mail—penned a column for the national newspaper about a sexist backlash ongoing in Israel. The nation’s emboldened religious right wing is rising up in a sort of antifeminist movement that has struck at the heart of what many fear is happening to the Jewish homeland: that its liberal-democratic core is crumbling under the weight of a burgeoning theocracy. She and co-host Avi Finegold debate this framing, and how Israel can navigate the tricky line between personal freedoms and a right to religiously comfortable spaces—including segregation.

After that, they tackle the question on everybody’s nose: was it offensive for Bradley Cooper to wear an oversized prosthetic schnoz to play Leonard Bernstein in the upcoming film Maestro?


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