At 13, he got an Apple Watch. At 14, he built a daily prayer app for it

Eiten Steinfeld, 14, with his Apple Watch. (Supplied photo)

The latest Apple Watch is being released worldwide this week. With it, you can monitor your blood oxygen levels, send emails, wear it while swimming—and, thanks to a high school student in Toronto, you can also use it to help recite your daily Jewish prayers.

The new free app, called WatchSiddur, shows you which prayers to read each day and at what times, so you don’t have to carry around a physical book all day. It was created by Eitan Steinfeld, a 14-year-old student at CHAT, in Thornhill, Ont., who taught himself how to code during the pandemic. Inspired by the Apple Watch his grandmother gave him for his bar mitzvah, Steinfeld set out to create the world’s first free daily siddur app for the platform.

Steinfeld joins today to discuss his project and what it took to build.

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