Are your views on Israel different from your parents’?

From left: Ruben Perez, Lori Binder and Koby Gottlieb participated in the first episode of The CJN Studios' podcast, 'Five Questions About Israel'. (Supplied photos)

Welcome to Five Questions About Israel, a new podcast miniseries by The CJN Studios, hosted and sponsored by Dan Brotman, executive director of the Windsor Jewish Federation, and Yaron Deckel, director of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Canada. They’re asking big questions about Israel—and inviting you to listen and join.

On the first episode, they’re asking three Canadians of different generations how their relationships to Israel differ from their parents’. You’ll hear from Koby Gottlieb, an 18-year-old modern Orthodox student attending college at Brandeis University in Boston; Ruben Perez, a law school graduate from the University of Windsor and current MBA student at the University of Laval; and Lori Binder, the head of school and CEO of Gray Academy of Jewish Education in Winnipeg.

Hear how these three everyday Canadians—from different backgrounds, cities and denominations—think about Israel in their daily lives, and how those feelings conflict with, or stem from, their parents’ attitude toward the Holy Land.

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