As anti-Israel protests spread, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association warns about the dangers of banning them outright

anti israel posters
Posters criticizing Canada and Israel were found taped to the office windows of Thornhill Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman the morning of Feb. 14, 2024. (Supplied photo)

As hospitals in Toronto announce they are beefing up their security procedures following Monday’s anti-Israel protest outside Mount Sinai Hospital, on Feb. 14 police were called to the Thornhill constituency office of Canada’s deputy Conservative party leader, Melissa Lantsman. Her staff arrived to work Wednesday to find anti-Israel posters plastering her office’s front windows.

After more than four months of anti-Israel protests popping up seemingly everywhere in major cities, calls are getting louder for police to start cracking down on intimidation and harassment of Canadian Jews.

But Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, the executive director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, says banning these protests outright would be a dangerous thing—even though many Jews find them annoying, scary or even fuelled by hatred. It’s an opinion she knows might be unpopular, but she joins The CJN Daily to explain her case.

What we talked about

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