An Interview with Team Israel baseball legend Cody Decker

Cody Decker with Team Israel mascot "The Mensch" during the World Baseball Classic on March 9, 2017, in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo credit: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images/Menemsha Films)

We’ve got a special treat for you, Jewish sports fans! Our most-requested guest, Cody Decker, is here with a generous interview about his career and Jewish identity. Cody may have retired from pro baseball, but he’s still very active in the sports world. He’s working with charities and hosts his own podcast, but more importantly, he’s been involved with training Israel’s Olympic baseball team this year in Scottsdale, Arizona. On today’s episode, Cody talks about all this and more—including his part in Team Israel’s legendary run in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Listen in the player above.

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