An exit interview with Karen Mock of JSpaceCanada

Karen Mock with the former governor-general Julie Payette, receiving the Order of Canada award in 2018. (Photo courtesy Sgt. Johanie Maheu, Rideau Hall © OSGG)

January 23 is a big date for JSpaceCanada: with a large virtual conference, the progressive Jewish organization will mark its 10th anniversary, while also bidding goodbye to Karen Mock, who served as its president since 2016.

Mock, a veteran human rights campaigner and anti-racism educator, is now in her late 70s, and wanted to make way for younger blood to steer the ship—especially Jewish Canadians who love Israel and its values, but want to promote human rights on both sides of the conflict with Palestine. For JSpaceCanada, that means advocating for Israel to withdraw completely from the West Bank.

Mock joins today to discuss her legacy and her hopes for the future of the progressive Jewish movement.

What we talked about:


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