‘I was gaslit continuously’: Alexandra Lulka Rotman speaks out about her antisemitism battle with Toronto’s school board

Alexandra Lulka Rotman was the subject of a strange antisemitism scandal within Toronto's public school board in 2021. (Supplied photo)

In December 2021, at a Toronto District School Board meeting, Alexandra Lulka Rotman made a rare public statement after being accused by the TDSB of breaking their code of conduct. The story began when a pro-Palestinian TDSB staff member sent out teaching materials that linked to sources supporting anti-Israel terrorist activities, including suicide bombings. Lulka Rotman subsequently spoke out against those materials—and wound up the subject of a TDSB report labelling her Islamophobic, suggesting she be censured.

Since then, that TDSB meeting in December was the only time she spoke openly about the fiasco. The trustees voted in her favour, deciding not to censure her. But the ordeal has weighed heavily on her since then, to the point that she hasn’t felt comfortable talking about it—until now.

In her first-ever media interview, Lulka Rotman joins The CJN Daily to describe what the last year has been like for her, how antisemitism is seeping into classrooms and why, despite all of this, she’s decided to run for re-election.

What we talked about:

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